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September 9, 2015



Quote of the Day

“It wasn’t just a cold-blooded shooting of a guy in the back and (authorities) knew that,”

-the defense attorney for cop Michael Slager said – the officer is going on trial for the murder of a black man he shot in the back while on duty (more immediately below)


April 4, 2015 a police officer shot an unarmed black man named Walter Scott (age 50). In a cell phone video, Scott was seen being shot as he was running away from the police officer. Today a report came out that Scott had cocaine in this system, and the officer Michael Slager, 33, claimed Scott had taken his stun gun and pointed at him before he took off running. You can watch the video in the link and judge for yourself.


Many feel that the police, while perhaps not singling out black men, are much more prone to use lethal violence when interacting with them. Anti-police movements have arisen across the country, calling for cops to wear body cameras as well as for police agencies to diversify.


How Many on the Left See It
They see the video as Slager killing Scott in cold blood, with no cause except the possibility of racism. It should be noted, Slager will be on trial for the murder of Scott.


How Some on the Right See It
Unlike other police shootings, there have been calls on the Right for Slager to face charges in this case – the video is fairly damning. Some on the Right however, view Slager’s actions as preemptive. Their line of thinking goes something like: had he let Scott get away he may have harmed someone else. Read Mas



Okay people, Shut it Down … Again? 

Congress returned from recess on Tuesday, and now have 11 legislative days to come to a fiscal agreement that prevents another shutdown as current spending laws expire on October 1. Although Sen. Mitch McConnell and Speaker Boehner have said there won’t be another shutdown, some Republicans say they will refuse to vote for a bill that gives federal health insurance funding to Planned Parenthood. This is similar to the strategy they used in 2013, when they tried to attack Obamacare, which ultimately failed. Read Mas


Hillary sent “Top Secret” Stuffs
A review by the CIA and National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency confirmed the Inspector General for intelligence agencies finding that emails in Sec. Clinton’s personal account had classified information. The Clinton campaign had denied the sensitivity of the information, faulting an “arbitrary” classification process. One of the emails was about the North Korean Nuclear program. Having classified information outside of a secured government account is illegal. “Top Secret” is the highest level of government confidentiality. Read Mas


How long will Republican House Speaker Boehner be around?
Some of Republic Boehner’s allies are wondering if he can win another floor vote to remain House Speaker. Some in Congress wonder whether he’ll even run again. There is heavy pressure on him. The legislative slate this fall is fierce, and political analysts say this will be one of the challenging stretches of his five years as Speaker. He has to reconcile and mediate the more hardline conservatives of the House with a Democratic president. Many of the Republicans in his own party have long been hostile to him for, in their opinion, not being conservative enough. Read Mas


Cool Sh*t: A Bridge Made of Cardboard 

Japanese guy builds strong bridges out of paper from landfills and stuff.


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