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September 4, 2015



Quote of the Day

“I had things I could have done. I could have replaced the prosecutor, I could have dug in.”

-said the former President of Guatemala, Perez Molina, just after he stepped down as their leader on corruption charges


In Guatemala, President Molina resigned. This is nuts – how often do you hear of a President resigning? He resigned after a scandal came to light: he was allowing companies to pay him and his cohorts bribes so they didn’t have to pay taxes on their imports. Molina racked in millions of dollars.

So Molina is a villain it seems, but is he also something of a hero? Many analysts seem to think him stepping down was a “major blow to corruption” and really helped uphold the nation’s rule of law.


A Presidential stepping down has never happened in Guatemala. Before becoming President, Molina was an army general during that nation’s Civil War that lasted from 1960 to 1996. Some say he is guilty of genocide during that time. In any case, he actually ruled as a moderate and did not overuse his military connections. He even considered making drugs legal to help end drug cartels. 

Right Now

A new interim President is in power: a 79 year old man named Maldonado.  He was a conservative judge. He has put a transition government in place and is allowing all the varying political groups in Guatemala to recommend changes. What you need to remember is: Molina stepped down for fraud, Maldonado is temping as President. More


To Live and Die in the GOP

At a 30 minute news conference at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, Donald Trump announced that he will not run as an independent third-party candidate if he loses the GOP primary. This is an important announcement for the conservative field, because Trump running independently would split the conservative vote and give the Democratic candidate a substantial advantage. Read Mas

How to Cook a Racist

Dylann Roof, accused of massacring 9 African-Americans at the Emanuel AME Church in Charlestown because they were African-Americans, faces 9 counts of murder charges, 1 attempted murder charge, and weapons charges. Roof pleaded not guilty. Prosecutors are seeking to execute him. Read Mas

You Can Buy Tony Stark’s New Car!

Okay, not Tony Stark, but the guy they based Tony Stark on in the movie Iron Man. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla will release its Model 3, a $35,000 sedan. Teslas, if you don’t know, are fully electric cars and pretty badass. The company will unveil the car’s designs in March, at which time they will also accept pre-orders. The the Model 3 will come out in 2017. In a tweet Musk said that a fully operational gigafactory, which is an extremely high-tech facility running on renewable energy, is needed first to produce the cars. Read Mas

Cool Sh*t: Watch Out for Ninja’s

This dude is crazy. 


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