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September 30, 2015



Quote of the Day

“Galaxies have a vast mass, and so do the black holes in their cores. This one though is really too big for its boots — it simply shouldn’t be possible for it to be so large,”

-said Dr. Jacco van Loon, an astrophysicist (see more below)


After the Taliban reclaimed control of this city in Northern Afghanistan, US leaders are extremely concerned about the Afghan government’s stability. There are 9,800 American troops stationed in Afghanistan, but whether they’ll be involved in the ground campaign is unknown. Afghan security forces gathered on the outside of the city, and began a counterattack just before dawn. A US airstrike cleared the way from them. Kunduz is the 6th largest city in Afghanistan. It’s 150 miles away from the capital, Kabul. Read Mas


Poll finds support for Planned Parenthood


Congressional conservatives want to defund Planned Parenthood with the same legislative tactic – leveraging the impending bill deadline – as they attempted with Obamacare 2 years ago, when they forced a government shutdown. No federal money is used to fund abortions. The deadline is Wednesday night, and Republicans are expected to pass a short-term bill.
A new nationwide poll by USA Today/Suffolk University found that Americans support government funding for PP by a 2-1 margin. A vast majority, 73%, opposed shutting down the government.
The latest controversy is about “sting” videos that purport to show Planned Parenthood illegally selling fetus tissue. Planned Parenthood says the tissue was used for research with the consent of the patients. The videos were significantly-edited, and are not reliable as a matter of public record. However, the group, Center for Medical Progress, that recorded the videos said the editing changes were due to only “bathroom breaks and waiting periods between meetings.” The group also claims it has enough footage to release through the autumn. Read Mas
Newly found black hole has an obesity problem


In a recently discovered galaxy scientists have a found a black hole that is much bigger than current theory postulates. How much bigger? 30x.
Scientists found the black hole by tracking how fast the gas swirling around it moves. They then used a high-tech telescope to gather data about the blackhole. The finding completely changes theory of how galaxies evolve. It could be either an anomaly or a discovery of a new class of galaxies. The research was done by scientists at Keele University and the University of Lancashire and published by the Royal Astronomical SocietyRead Mas


Cool Sh*t: Asthmatic Otter Learns to Use Inhaler


Check this out!

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