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September 3, 2015



Quote of the Day

#KiyiyaVuranInsanlik (humanity washed ashore).

-the hashtag that trended after a 3 year old Syrian boy washed ashore dead in Turkey (more info below) 


In Turkey, a 3 year old Syrian boy washed up on shore after a boat carrying Syrian refugees sank at sea. The image has been seen around the world. The Syrians are having a brutal Civil War, and many are trying to make it to Europe to start over. Europe has asylum laws for people under serious threat in their homelands, but these laws were created to help small cases not tens of thousands. The Europeans do not know what to do: send these suffering souls back home to their savaged nations, or take them in? There are serious risks in absorbing these Syrians as they could allow Islamic extremists into their nations even as they try to be helpful. Read mas


Done Deal 
President Obama’s Iran deal is going through. Senators Chris Coon and Barbara Mikulski have joined the group of Democrats who approve of the Iranian nuclear accord. That brings the total number of approving Senators to 34, which is enough to stave off a Republican onslaught on the bill. Many people, not just Republicans, are skeptical of the deal, thinking it too lenient and doubting Iran’s trustworthiness. Read Mas Republican presidential candidates are taking hawkish positions on the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Governor Scott Walker, Rick Perry, and Marco Rubio all said that if they were president, they’d stop negotiations and pull out of the deal. This severity is likely intended to appeal to far-right Republican voters, and contrast themselves from Jeb Bush, who may be considered by the conservative electorate to be “soft” on Iran. Bush, for his part, criticized the deal but said that he would not destroy it on day one. “It’s important to be mature and thoughtful about this,” he said. Read Mas


Big Apple Has Some Problems
NYC has seen an increase in homeless people wandering and living on the streets since Mayor Bill DeBlasio took office. Some link this to his lax enforcement of “quality of life crimes.” (A NYPost cover recently showed a man urinating in the middle of the street.) Many New Yorker’s fear a return of the 1970’s decay. In June 2015, 59,000 people were in homeless shelters around the city! But DeBlasio said this will not happen “on his watch” and has vowed to fix the problem. Read mas

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