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September 23, 2015



Quote of the Day

“People ask me what do you attribute your success [to] and I can say four words: ‘eat sensibly and exercise’ – those are the things that you have to do,” said Don Pellman – the 100 year old man who just kicked ass in the Senior Olympics (see Cool Sh*t below)

Democratic contender Hillary Clinton condemned the Keystone Pipeline. The pipeline runs all the way from Canada to Texas and Illinois. For years now environmentalists have been extremely concerned about it.
The Clinton campaign hadn’t previously mentioned its position on the project. But socialist Bernie Sanders’ fast rise has likely influenced Clinton, pushing her farther to the left. Liberals and environmentalists praised her statement. Read Mas
Kim Davis doing Kim Davis things

Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, may be at it again. A lawyer for the deputy county clerk, who has been issuing licenses since Davis was thrown in the slammer, says that when Davis returned she confiscated the licenses and imposed on him a new document, from which she had removed references of her name/title and the county office. Davis has assiduously preserved the sanctity of marriage by blocking in-love couples from wedlock. After the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, Davis refused to let gay couples in Rowan County Kentucky get married. She was sued and thereafter stopped issuing licenses altogether, even to straight couples. Davis was jailed for five days and released on condition of her not interfering with license issuance. Davis is in her fourth marriage. Read Mas

Volkswagen admits that it committed massive fraud
The auto giant VW admitted that 11 million of its diesel cars were equipped with software designed to cheat on emissions tests. Before they said that “only” about 500,000 were maleficent. The company says that it is setting aside half of a year’s profit, $7.3 billion, to fix the cars in order to comply with emissions standards.
 Although most of the 11 million are in Europe, the EPA has said it it will tell VW to recall half a million cars sold in the US since 2009. This includes Passats, Golfs, Jettas, and Beedles. VW stock fell 16% on Monday and another 18% by mid-afternoon Tuesday. Read Mas

Cool Sh*t: This is a Crazy 100 Year Old Man

Check out this bad ass.


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