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September 22, 2015



Quote of the Day

“I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

– said GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson – uh oh



Ben Carson, an African-American neurosurgeon running for the Presidential nomination as a Republican, said over the weekend he would not support a Muslim president. Outrage quickly followed from both sides. Republicans Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz denounced it. Bernie Sanders was “disappointed.” This comes just after Donald Trump did not correct a questioner in one of his audiences who said this country has a “Muslim problem.” It also follows new that a 14 year old Muslim boy in Texas was arrested for making a clock but the teachers and police thought it might be a bomb. Read mas
Declassified Report says President Bush Retroactively Authorized Illicit NSA Data Collection
The New York Times obtained, under the Freedom of Information Act, a previously classified report about “Stellarwind,” the NSA’s bulk collection program. The report was commissioned by Congress and done by the Inspector Generals of five agencies. They finished the report in 2009. One of the revelations is that President Bush retroactively authorized metadata collection in 2004 after the Justice Department balked. The NSA had been collecting more data than it was permitted to after post 9/11 changes. When the Justice Department discovered this, in 2004, they refused to recertify the program. James Comey – now the head of the FBI – was acting as Attorney General when John Ashcroft was sick. There was then a famous standoff when Administration officials went to Ashcroft’s hospital room to appeal to him directly and he refused. A number of DOJ officials threatened to resign, forcing President Bush to curb the NSA’s reach. Read Mas

Carly Fiorina Jumps to 2nd in GOP poll

After a strong performance in the second Republican presidential primary debate, Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, moved to second in the CNN/ORC poll. In the previous poll Trump had led with 32%, but that’s down to 24%. Fiorina now has 15%. Twenty-three million people watched Wednesday night’s debate. In a poll of Republican viewers, 52% said Fiorina won the debate. Read Mas
Openly Gay Man Nominated to be Secretary of the Army
President Obama nominated Eric Fanning to be the Secretary of the Army. He would be the first openly gay Secretary of a US military branch. Fanning has been the acting Under-Secretary of the Army since June. Before that the was Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s chief of staff. The Senate will have to approve Fanning’s appointment. Read Mas

Cool Sh*t: Did you know?

When a group of people laugh, people will instinctively look at the person they feel closest to in that group.


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