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September 21, 2015



Quote of the Day

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

-said Winston Churchill



Pope Francis, who is from Argentina, gave a speech in Havanna beside a poster of the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara – Guevara is also a Argentine. Francis told the gathered to “live authentically in a concrete commitment to our neighbor.”

The Pope will make his way to New York City this week. It is a tricky meeting for the capitalist United States, as his Holiness has promoted socialist views. Cuba is known for its repression of political activists. Those who have been against President Obama opening up travel and trade with Cuba, object on these grounds. Indeed, as Francis road around in his popemobil, some activists ran forward and shouted “Freedom” – the activists were taken away. Read mas


US increasing number of refugees it will accept next year

The US government has raised the number of refugees who it will resettle in the coming fiscal year. Previously the limit was 85,000. That’s been raised to 100,000. This fiscal year, it cost $1.1 billion to bring in 70,000 refugees. It’s so costly because each and every refugee has to pass a thorough background check, which can take up to two years. That background check is required under laws passed after 9/11. The White House would like to resettle even more, but Congress, which is controlled by the GOP, has to grant funding for this. Read mas

UN’s top nuclear weapons inspector visits important Iranian site
The director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency visited Parchin, an Iranian military facility. The IAEA was investigating whether Iran was carrying out tests related to the construction of a nuclear bomb. The agency hasn’t visited that site in a decade. Iran may have been testing high-power explosions there. The IAEA’s access to that site was one of the priorities in the negotiations between Iran and the West. Read Mas
Watersnake gives virgin birth again, apocalypse imminent 
A snake at a conservation in Missouri, for the second year in a row, has given birth without having mated. Researchers say the snake hasn’t had contact with a male snake in eight years. The technical term for this asexual reproduction is parthenogenesis. It’s very rare in snakes – insects do it more frequently. Read Mas

Cool Sh*t: Animal Thug Life! 

This will make you laugh!


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