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September 17, 2015



Quote of the Day

“Cool clock, Ahmed,”

-tweeted President Obama




In Texas, a Muslim boy, age 14, named Ahmed was arrested for making a bomb and taking it to school. Except that the bomb was a clock the boy had made from spare parts (he’s a tinkerer). A teacher saw the device, and said it looked like a bomb. The police were called, and Ahmed was arrested – while, of course, wearing a NASA t-shirt. The police issued an apology for this alleged case of Islamophobia. Read mas


Chaos Continues in Europe 

Hungarian police fired tear gas at Syrian migrants who were trying to enter the country. The Syrians are trying to escape a brutal Civil War in their homeland. In sum, half of their nation is controlled by a tyrant named Assad, the other half by ISIS (the radical Islamic people who are trying to create their own nation). These people caught in the middle of this war – millions in number – have nowhere to go, and have been making runs to Europe. Hungary – suffering from a poor economy itself – has been averse to the foreigners and has been condemned by many other EU nations for its treatment of the Syrians and other refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan. Along with tear gas they have used water hoses, written numbers on the arms of migrants (this echoes the numbers put on Jewish people during the Holocaust), and were caught on video tossing food to migrants in cages as if they were animals. Read mas

Cool Sh*t: 5 Gadgets You Might Not Know About 

These are pretty awesome.


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