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September 15, 2015



Quote of the Day

“The seed of revolution is repression.” 

-Woodrow Wilson



Two feminists from the group Femen, interrupted a conference on the role of women in Muslim. They rushed on the stage topless and screaming “no subjugation” as well with the phrase written over their chest. Several men shouted “kill them” and “dirty whores” according to reports. Read mas


Is Google bringing autonomous cars to market?

We hope so, because we’re sick of your driving. The first CEO of Google’s driverless cars division is John Krafcik, the former CEO of Hyundai America. Apple Inc. is also interested in autonomous driving. However the (traditional) auto industry is concerned about the techies eyeing their market. Google says that they won’t build their own cars, but instead partner with some other company. Maybe a Google-Tesla money megalith? Read Mas 


Taliban raid Afghan jail, make the world a worse place


The Afghan Taliban freed 350 of their comrades in savagery early Monday, assaulting a jail in eastern Afghanistan. They detonated a car bomb in front of the jail and then fired rocket-propelled grenades. Six militants disguised in police uniforms then entered the prison. Three Taliban militants were killed. The attack happened after a weekend in which the Afghan army claimed to kill more than 100 Taliban. Read Mas


Egyptian military mistakenly slays picnicking 12  
A convoy of SUVs carrying a Mexican tourist party stopped in the desert to eat and an apache military helicopter hovering above mistook the tourists for an Islamist group. The soldiers opened fire, killing twelve people. The government at first claimed the shooting happened at night, when the tourists could more easily be mistaken. A political analyst at the Center for American Progress told the New York Times that the incident shows the government’s desperation in its fight against Islamic extremists. Read Mas


Cool Sh*t: Electricity

Listen to Richard Feynman talk about electricity – very cool.


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