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September 16, 2015



Quote of the Day

“A lot were Muslims who had come to support the revolution against Bashar Assad were from every country,”

-said Abdullah, a Chechen who met the ISIS commander Americans trained



In 2008, during the Olympics in China, Russia invaded the country of Georgia. This move surprised the world. The United States wished to help Georgia fend off the Russian Bear, and thus trained the Georgian special forces. One of the men in those special force unites was  man Tarkhan Batirashvili. Tarkhan is now known as Abu Omar al Shishani in Syria, and he is in Syria fighting for ISIS. Shishani came to region to fight against the President of Syria Bashar Assad. Assad, a totalitarian, has been brutally crushing a resistance movement dedicated to overthrowing him. But as this Civil War waged, the nation fell apart, hundreds of thousands have been killed, millions displaced. In this vacuum, hordes of radical Islamists gathered in an attempt to create a Muslim empire, also known as a Caliphate. Shishani pledged to ISIS in 2013, and because of that along with his cunning military maneuvers for the organization, many Muslims from his homeland of Georgia are flocking to ISIS.

What you Need to Know: 

  • Shishani (pronounced: Shish-ani) is from Georgia was trained by Americans helping the Georgian military
  • Shishani is now part of ISIS – the group you have seen on the news beheading people – and he is something of a rockstar
  • Now, many Islamic extremists from the Caucasus region (that’s where Georgia is located it) have been inspired to join ISIS because of him

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Je Suis Charlie, Part Deux

The Parisian magazine Charlie Hebdo is back in the news again. In case, you forgot – earlier this year the humor magazine published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Islamic radicals stormed into their offices and murdered about a dozen people who worked for the magazine. This time the cartoon that is causing controversy is about the Syria migrant child found dead on the beach. The carton shows Jesus walking on water, and a Muslim sinking – the caption reads: “Christians walk on water” but “Muslim children sink.” The cartoon is a shot at “Christian” Europe – the cartoonists were appalled by the aloofness displayed by Europeans concerning the plight of these migrants. Read Mas

TV Alert

The second Republican debate is tonight. Watch “The Donald” square off against the other GOP guys (and one gal). It’s on CNN, starts at 8pm EST.

Cool Sh*t: How to Peel a Hardboiled Egg like James Bond

Pretty smooth – we tried it, it worked.


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