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September 11, 2015

September 11, 2015



Quote of the Day

“Effective immediately, we have revised our policy guidance to require that if a company wants any credit for cooperation, any credit at all, it must identify all individuals involved in the wrongdoing, regardless of their position, status or seniority in the company, and provide all relevant facts about their misconduct.”

-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates’ said Thursday at a speech at New York University Law School about Wall Street scofflaws



The new Justice Department has said that it is hunting season for Wall Street Fat Cats who break the law. It seems all the complaints about how the financial industry is let off easy is about to end, and much of the public is thirsty for blood. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates declared that the “mission here is not to recover the largest amount of money from the greatest number of corporations… Our job is to seek accountability from those who break our laws and victimize our citizens.  It’s the only way to truly deter corporate wrongdoing.’’ The Occupy Wall Street crowd must be in ecstasy tonight. Read Mas 


Homicidal maniac continues to shoot at highway in Arizona
An unknown shooter has fired at the I-10 in Arizona 11 (confirmed) times since August 29. It has happened four times in the past two days alone. There are no suspects. Thankfully, nobody’s been killed yet. However a 13 year old girl was injured when a piece of glass from the windshield of the SUV she was in cut her ear. Read Mas
Meet your long lost ancestor, Homo naledi 
Bones of the Homo naledi were just discovered in a cave system in South Africa, 30 minutes outside of Johannesburg. The fossil collection was huge – 1,500 bones. Scientists don’t know how old the bones are. They can’t draw conclusions without some more clues and in the cave there were no other fossils to help discern this. They appear to have a mix of human and ape-like characteristics. They have an ape’s small brain, ape-like shoulders and torso, and curved fingers. The bodies are the size of small humans and have human feet. Read Mas
US Government believes ISIS is making and using chemical weapons
An anonymous government official told the BBC that there are four instances in which ISIS used chemical weapons. According to intelligence agencies, the most plausible theory of how ISIS got those weapons is that they made them themselves. Rudimentary chemical weapons like mustard gas are not complicated to produce. It’s also possible that the militants found weapons caches in Iraq or Syria. Read Mas

Cool Sh*t: History of Rap 6

Check out Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s “History of Rap 6.”


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