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September 1, 2015

September 1, 2015



Quote of the Day

“I’d strike the sun if it insulted me.”

-Ahab from Moby Dick – talk about pride



A leaked report of Russian military expenditures shows that 2,000 Russian soldier’s families have been compensated for their deaths in Ukraine. Why is this important? Russia has been attempting to deny that they are actually in Ukraine trying to overthrow that nation. This proves otherwise.

No Wikipedia!

The Russia leader Putin has a stranglehold on the media and news, and he is trying to ban all of Wikipedia in the former Soviet Union.

Long Context

The US and Russia were in a Cold War from – in which they basically pointed nukes at each other and tried to rally nations to their causes of capitalism and communism respectively. This lasted from the end of World War II to the early 1990s, when Russia was beaten and capitalism won. Since then, the two nations haven’t been very good friends, so it is kind of a Thawed War.

Recent Context

Russia and her leader Putin, have been up to no good lately. They took over Crimea, a major land grab, and now they are trying to take over Ukraine but deny having any Russian boots on the ground. (Many Ukrainians are pro-Russian). Putin has denied, then sort of admitted that Russia is in Ukraine. Again, his story really proves that they are. Read más


Update: Nazi Ghost Train is Real and Found

If you read The Summary Report yesterday, you saw we summed up the story that two adventurers found a Nazi Ghost train loaded with gold in Southern Poland. Sounded bogus. But turns out that it is true! The damn thing is reputedly loaded with the yellow stuff. Read más

Getting High!

We have reports that mountains are smoking weed. Just kidding, but Alaska’s Mt. McKinley has now been renamed to Denali – which means “The High One.” Obama did this as a nod to the traditional Native American name for the peak, the great people of Ohio are angry as the peak had been named after the assassinated Ohioan President William McKinley. Read más

A Scurvy Elephant Dies

Beloved self-help guru Wayne Dyer passed away in his sleep last night at 75, cause not know though he had been diagnosed with Leukemia. Dyer roared to stardom with Your Erroneous Zones that sold 35 million copies – the 2nd best-selling book in the 1970s behind the Bible.

Dyer grew up in foster homes, and in later life became a super spiritual chap. He often told a story of how his teachers in elementary school called him a “Scurvy Elephant.” He thought it was a compliment, only later did he realize they had called him a “disturbing element.” Dyer also raised over $250 million with his PBS specials. Click here to watch one of those and get some Enlightenment

Bush Says Trump Be Soft

As the GOP Primary picks up, candidates are getting feisty. A war of words is brewing between Donald Trump and former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Trump released a video on Instagram calling Bush lenient on illegal immigrants. The Bush campaign retaliated quickly, releasing a statement on their website in which they imply that Trump is soft on crime, excoriating him for working with Minority Leader and CA Representative Nancy Pelosi. Both sides are competing for the loyalty of the ultra-conservative Republican electorate. Read Más

Storms A’comin!
Four hurricanes are brewing in the warm waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Two of them are Category 4 – a Category 4 storm has winds of at least 130 MPH. Storms Kilo, Ignacio, and Jimenal in the Central Pacific formed at the same time. It’s the first time that three storms that have Category 3 or higher designations formed in the central and eastern basins of the Pacific. Hurricane Ignacio is approaching Hawaii, but is expected to weaken as it hits land. Hurricane Fred, near the Cape Verde Islands, is a Category 1. Read Más

Cool Sh*t: Watch “The Shift”

In honor of our late friend Dr. Wayne Dyer, watch his movie ‘The Shift’ – might make you wiser.


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