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October 9, 2015



Quote of the Day

“It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of one’s ignorance.”

-said economist Thomas Sowell

Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Leader from California who was the front-runner to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House, dropped out of the race. It was abrupt and shocking, and other Republicans don’t appear to have known it was coming.  The house GOP is in disarray, and need a strong leader to unite them before the looming and contentious fiscal negotiations. “I am not that guy,” Rep. McCarthy said during his announcement. A lot of high-powered Republicans, including McCarthy himself and Boehner, want Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as Speaker. Ryan is adamant that he doesn’t want the job. Read Mas
NASA finds blue skies and ice-water on Pluto
Pluto, who was ignominiously robbed of his planet status, is back and making a name for himself. Images of Pluto’s atmosphere, which were taken by NASA’s Blue Horizon space craft, show that it’s blue. A blue sky often results from very small particles scattering sunlight. Water ice (as opposed to other frozen molecular mixes) was also discovered. They found it using spectral photographs, which detect chemicals by measuring the lengths of the chemicals’ respective light-waves. Read Mas
Warring factions in Libya have no interest in unity government 
The competing would-be rulers battling for control of Libya rejected the UN’s proposal for a unity government. The UN-recognized government is fighting multiple factions. One of which, Libya Dawn, controls Tripoli. ISIL also extends a few poisonous tentacles into Libya, as do several other Islamist groups. The anarchic state of things has allowed international criminals – human traffickers, arms dealers, etc. – to run free in Libya. Read Mas
Powerful News: Sex With Robots?

Is this the future of XXX?

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