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October 6, 2015



Quote of the Day

“so far they’ve said they won’t torture me, which is a start, I think,”

-said Edward Snowden, the man who stole top secret US intelligence and gave it away online, about his conversations with American officials about returning to the USA


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal was worked out in Atlanta. The deal will have wide reaching implications and impact the cost of nearly everything you buy or eat or drive or take for medicine or etc! President Obama is really pushing hard for the deal as it would be good for his legacy, and also, since China is not part of the TPP this may help slow China’s economic rise – a major boon for the USA. (Though in the future, China could join said negotiators) The TPP in a nutshell would, according to, “reduce or eliminate tariffs on almost 18,000 categories of goods.” Some oppose the deal however: Some think it may take jobs away from the USA, and may hinder the fight on Climate Change (i.e. more trade, and potentially less oversight). Congress still has to approve the TPP – it is unclear where the votes will fall at this point in time. Read Mas
Snowden: I’d Go to Prison to Return to US
Edward Snowden – the man behind the most massive intel leak in US history – has said he’d go to prison to return to the USA. Some people see Snowden as a hero pushing back against a government that was growing too large and too intrusive – his theft of intelligence noble. Others see him as a traitor, who put American spies in danger and possibly aided terrorists. Before Snowden leaked his documents, he escaped to Russia. Read Mas
Powerful News: This is a REAL GUARD DOG

Watch this, it is kind of unreal, our jaws dropped – literally.

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