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October 5, 2015



Quote of the Day

“We are at a 1,000-year level of rain. That’s how big this is.”

-said South Carolina governor Nikki Haley on the major rain and floods in her state (see below)


 In Afghanistan, a US airstrike accidentally hit a hospital where the organization Doctors without Borders was working. 22 people were killed. According to the Washington Post, the Afghans were quiet after the tragic mistake. In the past when this happened, the nation would erupt into protest. President Obama will make a decision very soon as to whether he will keep or remove the approximately 10,000 remaining troops in that country – some think the quiet of the Afghans is calculated so that they don’t scare America away. As much as Afghanistan values its independence, the Taliban has been on the march again. More yet, the Afghan’s surely have seen the fate of Iraq after US forces disappeared. Read mas
Netanyahu promises violent retribution
After a recent wave of attacks by Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister said “we are in an all-out war against terrorism and we will wage it aggressively.”
Flarings of tensions between Israel and Palestine are common. The latest is a series of gun and knife attacks against Jews in the West Bank and Old City of Jerusalem. Whether these attacks are organized and coordinated isn’t known yet.
In March, Netanyahu won his 3rd term as Prime Minister. He is most known for hawkishness. In summer of 2014, Israel retaliated severely to attacks from Hamas, the Islamist terror group. This violent response was met with a great deal of uproar from the international community. Read Mas
South Carolina is having Biblical Floods
Some areas of South Carolina received 2 feet of rain! That’s right, 2 feet! To put that into perspective, they typically get about 48 inches over the course of an entire year. They’ve gotten this deluge in two days. It is a major emergency situation. 350 cars have been stuck or swept away, 750 people called for help – this all happened in a 12 hour period on Sunday. Read Mas
We’re getting closer to the Trans Pacific-Partnership
Negotiators from the US and 11 other states are closing in on an agreement for the Trans Pacific-Partnership (TPP). The free trade agreement, which would be the largest ever, has long been one of the Obama Administrations foreign and economic policy priorities.
It’d get rid of thousands of tariffs and other trade barriers. It is designed to open the flow of trade, and to protect intellectual property, labor welfare, and the environment.  Read Mas
Scientists discover “megatsunamis”
About 73,000 years ago there was a storm so big that it’s being called a “megatsunami,” the type of storm you see in movies that we laugh at for being unrealistic. There were waves the size of skyscrapers and boulders as big as the Eiffel Tower.
A big chunk of a volcanic island fell into the ocean, making a big, big ol’ ripple.
Scientists started looking into this after the lead researcher, Ricardo Ramalho, found huge boulders on top of a cliff in Santiago. He wondered how they got there. Now we know: an apocalyptic wave brought them. Read Mas


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