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October 29, 2015


China ending 1 child policy

China is ending its policy of restricting couples from having more than one child. Couples will be allowed to have two children. The Chinese government has an economic concern about their nation: as the population ages, the burden falls on a young and sparse workforce. Some countries in the EU have the same problem. The policy was enacted by the communist regime in the late 70s. Enforcing it involved forced abortions and stark fines in the poor countryside. Read mas

Is Ben Carson in trouble over this supplement company thing?
During last night’s GOP debate, Ben Carson adamantly denied that he had a relationship with Mannatech, a company that sells dietary supplements. Mannatech was sued in 2009 by the Texas Attorney General for fraudulently claiming that its product cure cancer and autism. As recently as 2014 Carson was giving paid speeches for the company, and his image was used on their website until recently, taken down only after the Wall Street Journal published a story about it. Read Mas
Migrant flow in the Arctic held up because of lack of bikes
Migrants trying to get to Europe from the Middle East have been going through the Russian Arctic. This route became more popular after governments in Southern Europe cracked down. They want to take asylum in Norway, but they need bicycles to cross the Russian border because pedestrian traffic is banned and drivers who carry undocumented passengers are fined. Read mas
Powerful News: Ikea makes kids drawings into toys!


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