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October 2, 2015

October 2, 2015



Quote of the Day

“Our thoughts and our prayers are not enough,”

-said President Obama after yet another mass shooting (more below)


10:30 AM Pacific Time, in Roseburg, OR, at Umpqua Community College yesterday morning a mass shooting occurred, leaving 13 dead as of now. The shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, was killed by police. Mercer’s online life is being investigated. What we know is that so far: he loved guns and he hated religion. It is reported that he asked students at Umpqua if they were Christians – if the answer was yes, they were shot in the head. If the answer were no, they were shot in the legs. President Obama gave a strong anti-gun speech after the shooting, showing visible disdain that this is become something he is constantly doing – he wants it to stop. More
Possible Solutions: 
Gun Control. Liberals tend to want to take the guns off the streets as much as is possible. They want to ban many high-powered weapons as well as make background checks more stringent. It is not known what the weapon was in this shooting, or if the guns were owned legally.
Arm More Civilians. Conservatives, who stand by the Second Amendment (“the right to keep and bear arms”), think shooters would be less likely to go on shooting sprees if they knew many of their fellow civilians were armed. They note that most mass shootings occur where there are no armed people.
Mental Illness. A more radical idea is to re-open the large mental hospitals, as many of the mass shootings are done by those with psychosis. Sandy Hook, Aurora, the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona, Virginia Tech, and so on – each one of those shooters were severely mentally ill. It remains to be seen if mental illness played a role in this particular shooting.
Parcel bombs kill 7 in China
Seven people have been killed and 51 more injured in a series of bombings in Guangxi Zhuang, an autonomous region of Southern China. There have been 17 parcel bombs, and another 60 suspect parcels were identified by the government. Chinese authorities have a suspect, a 33-year-old man from Liucheng Tai Po. Read Mas
Obama Blew Reid off a Couple Times

Twice in the past year Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has approached Obama’s chief of staff to ask that Obama veto any UN Resolution to give Palestine official statehood. President Obama ignored him both times. However long-standing US policy of rejecting Palestine’s statehood has continued under the Obama Administration. The vast majority of the international community supports Palestinian statehood. He made these requests while trying to drum up Democratic support for the Iran deal. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, staunchly opposed the peace accord with Iran, and Reid was looking for a way to compensate so that the Democrats don’t get branded as anti-Israel. Read Mas

Israel is a delicate subject for Democrats. AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is the biggest lobbying group in Washington. Politically they’re closely-aligned with Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party. They oppose Palestinian sovereignty, and American politicians are reluctant to do battle with them.
Let’s have a look at some real-life “House of Cards” stuff
After years of antagonizing fellow Senators, Ted Cruz has run out of allies. After publicly insulting Republican leadership while trying to subvert spending negotiations, Sen. McConnell and other leaders have left Cruz to dry. On Monday Senate Republicans blocked Cruz’s attempt, normally granted as a courtesy, to call for a procedural vote. No one let Cruz speak beyond his allotted hour. Other Republicans could have donated their slots to Cruz, but they refused. Senator Rand Paul said that Cruz is “pretty much done for.” Read Mas


Powerful News: Doctor Saves Baby Mid-flight with “MacGyver” like Contraption

This guy is pretty bad ass.

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