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October 16, 2015



Quote of the Day

“There never was a good war or a bad peace.”

-said Benjamin Franklin

The Pentagon said that Sanafi al-Nasr, the leader of the Khorasan Group, was killed in an airstrike in Northwest Syria. The Khorasan Group is a cell of al-Qaeda. They are small but deadly. It consists of a couple dozen experienced AQ operatives. There is very little public information about them.
Nasr was a long-time terrorist. He specialized in smuggling and moving money and people.
In early July, Khorasan’s founding leader, Muhsin al-Fadhli, was killed.
Recently US Counter-terrorism agencies prioritized ISIS over al-Qaeda, but the Khorasan Group – as al-Qaeda always has been – is still more of a threat to Europe and the US homeland. ISIS is more focused on land expansion, whereas the al-Qaeda strategy is homeland attacks on the West.Read Mas
French police search VW’s offices
Several weeks ago the auto giant Volkswagen was busted for using banned software to rig their cars, fraudulently passing emissions tests. Eleven million VW vehicles, mostly in Europe, were dirty.
On Friday French police searched two VW offices, including the main one outside Paris. The Paris Prosecutor (the French equivalent of an AG) is getting ready to grill VW for “aggravated deception.” Read Mas
US blocks millions in funding for Mexico
Because the of the Mexican government’s nasty human rights record, the US is withholding millions in funding for the war against drugs. It’s a small percentage of the US annual funding aid to Mexico, but it clearly shows the American government’s frustration.
Through the Merida Initiative, Congress has given $2.3 billion since 2008 to Mexico to fight the cartels. 15% of the money given to police and military is conditional on the Mexican government meeting certain human rights standards. In order to release those funds, the State Department has to send Congress a document detailing what the Mexican government has done about human rights in the past year. This year they decided not to send that document.
Total Merida funding this year is $148 million. Read Mas
Powerful News: Pretty crazy!

Orphaned sisters meet – after a long time and in a crazy place!

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