Summaries of podcasts, lectures, and interviews.

How It Works

We have an army of volunteers who produce a chapter each. If a book is twenty chapters long, we have often twenty people working o the twenty different chapters. Our writers hold master’s degrees or higher, ad are verified as much as is humanly possible. TSR is a non-profit ad depends o donations. Click here to donate. If you would like to write for us, click here.


<strong>How the Books are Summarized</strong><br>We create in depth, chapter by chapter summaries. We ask volunteers like you  to sign up to summarize a chapter or two from any book you like!
You can summarize a chapter by clicking on a book above. After your summary is published, we have a TSR Expert go through and fix it up and format it.
<strong>How We Are Different from WikiSummaries</strong>
<br> Are summaries are more in depth, and we are screening the summaries individually. Also, we are only focusing on political and current affairs books. <br>
<br> <strong>Mission</strong><br>
We really just want to people to be more informed, and to know more. <br>
<br> <strong>Going Forward</strong><br>
We are going to audiotize these books. So they will be available on iTunes. <br>
Be unbiased in your review. This is not a place for opinions (at least in the summaries.) We are trying to get the main points of the book to our readers. We just want to give them the information.