Summaries of podcasts, lectures, and interviews.

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Volunteer for The Summmary Report (TSR)

TSR volunteers summarize chapters of books. We operate under the Fair Use agreement, which means all of our material is used for education purposes. Currently we only do books written in English and we deal with politics and current affairs.

The goal of TSR is to assist people in knowing more, to learn and understand various perspectives.

We do ask that you display some skill as a writer. TSR has the right to reject anything you send in. We are looking for unbias chapter summaries. That’s it. Every quotation must be sited by quotation marks and page number. But mainly we are asking that you put the chapter into your own words.

When you summarize, ask yourself, “What, in this chapter, is most relevant? What would I just have to know from this chapter?”

All you need to do to become a volunteer is register. It’s quick and easy. You can always email and ask us questions at We are a small team, but we will get back to you.

We do suggest you read the document below, before registering and posting on the Forum, to get an idea of how everything works.

About Summarizing
Here are the key points: Keep it short as possible while making sure someone who read the summary could have a conservation about the chapter. Site any direct quotations with quotation marks and page number. Put anything outside of the author’s words in your own words. Don’t worry about the length, just make sure you do a good job.

TSR Project Types
Each book is broken down into a chapter by chapter layout. You can select any chapter as your own. We have found that you do not have to have read the beginning of the book to summarize the end. These are not novels with plots. Most chapters in political and current affairs books are self-contained.

About TSR
Book Suggestions – add books here you’d like to summarize.
Summarizes Wanted (where projects needing readers are listed)
Editors Wanted (our proof-listening process)
Volunteer for Other Projects (other types of projects)

Help, Discussion, & Suggestions
For your questions, news and general chatter.

Cast of Characters
We’re all volunteers, and we’ve flipped traditional hierarchy upside down. The most important people in TSR are the summarizers. Here is a list of people involved in the summary:

summarizers: summarize chapters of books
book coordinators: manage production of a particular book
meta coordinators: catalog completed books on the web
moderators: help the forum run smoothly
admins: try to make sure everyone has what they need

How it Works
Practically, here is how things work:

a book coordinator posts a book in “Books that Need Summarized” (We usually pick these based on buzz, best-seller lists, etc.)
a meta coordinator claims the project and moves the thread to the appropriate forum.
volunteers “claim” chapters to summarize.
the summarize their chapters in digital format and sends to Summary Coordinator.
the Summary Coordinator collects all the files of all the chapters.
the Summary Coordinator sends the collected files to a meta coordinator.
we check the files for technical problems and read through to make edits and to make it smooth.
We post it

Who gets my summary?
We send to a list of over 10,000 people each time a new summary comes up. And hope to grow this list. Poeple can also find us independently online.