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August 25, 2015

Quote of the Day

““And the three of us beat him until he was unconscious.”

-said Anthony Sadler, an American student, who with his two friends, whipped some terrorist ass in France.


America Saves France Once Again

In World War II, America saved France. In 2015, three Americans brutalized a would be terrorist. They heard this Moroccan Islamic terrorist loaded up his AK-47, and proceed to beat him until he was unconscious enough to see the hemline of the first of his 72 virgins in heaven. US student Anthony Sadler, U.S. serviceman Spencer Stone, and National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos rocked this piece of shit’s shit. Stone delcared, “He seemed like he was ready to fight to the end. So were we.” Read mas


North and South Korea Have Staring Contest

Leaders of South and North Korea are having a staring contest.



Get Your Geek On: Know What a Qubit Is

Find out what quantum computing is to know more than your friends.


This Month’s Book Summary