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August 21, 2015




Quote of the Day”

“I shall wear the creditors’ loathing with pride.”

-says the Greek Finance Minister about the debt his nation owes


Trump: “F*ck da PC-Police”

Republic Donald Trump has supposedly destroyed every linguistic taboo in our culture: immigrants, women, war vets, and has shirked pseudo humility. He called immigrants rapists, insinuated women were menstruating (in fairness, he claims he didn’t mean this), and said John McCain wasn’t a war hero. And yet, he keeps rising in the polls – the people seem to love him.


The Greeks Deferment Has Ended

Greece, after living off the northern Europeans loans for years, have had no money to pay for anything. They were basically living like college students who put their loans on deferment, and then realized that they were way too short on cash to pay the bills. So naturally, they want their loans forgiveness because the loan wasn’t fair.


Kill the Cocktail Party With this Story

Click here to learn how owls can murder people.


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